The Vastness of Unperceivable Change

Art works take on a life of their own. This painting started with a frenzy of energy. The creative muses were trying desperately to tell me something. I worked with a satisfying flourish. And then nothing. I stared at it for months and moved it aside so I could create other things. I worked painstakingly slowly. Until the last two days of its evolution the final touches called obviously to me. It was finally time for me to understand how to finish it. It holds a satisfying sense of completion that I rarely feel in my work.

The Vastness of Unperceivable Change_sm

The Vastness of Unperceivable Change
16 x 24 inches
Watercolor on Paper
July 3, 2016

Ubiquitous Mantle

Snowy mornings are perfect for finishing up lingering paintings…

“Ubiquitous Mantle”
12 x 24 inches
watercolor on wood panel

Kalalau Nights

Kalalau Nights

Kalalau Beach on the Napali Coast of Kauai gives a surreal glimpse of what our planet once was: pristine, beautiful, and not over-run with humans and their troubles. Only accessible by an 11 mile hike along crumbling, sheer sea cliffs, Kalalau manages to keep away those who are not willing to work incredibly hard, face humbling fears, and become one with the primitive ways of nature at its best. The nights at Kalalau were electric with crashing waves, a celestial light show, and the strongest cosmic giggle I have experienced in some time.

18 x 18 inch watercolor painting on paper

Love Cloud

To love and be loved is an essential part of being human, but to be surrounded and supported by every person you love at once is a powerful experience. There are countless individuals who touch us in our lives, but those family and friends who have played a lasting role compare to none other. I am eternally grateful for those people, this human experience, and the man who opened my heart wider than I realized was possible.

Watercolor Painting – June 2015
12 x 12 inches – $475

Summer Storm

There is nothing quite like the first summer thunderstorm in Philadelphia. The air vibrates with excitement and the rain washes the pavement clean. The atmospheric orchestra comes and goes as quickly as the tumble weaves on the street.
Summer Storm

Watercolor Painting – June 2015
9 x 9 inches – $325

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