Love Cloud

To love and be loved is an essential part of being human, but to be surrounded and supported by every person you love at once is a powerful experience. There are countless individuals who touch us in our lives, but those family and friends who have played a lasting role compare to none other. I am eternally grateful for those people, this human experience, and the man who opened my heart wider than I realized was possible.

Watercolor Painting – June 2015
12 x 12 inches – $475

Summer Storm

There is nothing quite like the first summer thunderstorm in Philadelphia. The air vibrates with excitement and the rain washes the pavement clean. The atmospheric orchestra comes and goes as quickly as the tumble weaves on the street.
Summer Storm

Watercolor Painting – June 2015
9 x 9 inches – $325

Keep Out of the Garden (Please)

Keep Out of the Garden_sm

I waited all winter for the first signs of spring, only to find they had been plucked from the earth.
Keep Out of the Garden (Please)
Watercolor Painting – April 2015
9 x 8 inches – SOLD

A Glimpse at Some New Work

It has been way too long since I have posted any new work! Here is a glimpse at a few new watercolor paintings. Some of my favorite moments this summer were spent floating in an mountain lake.

Lily Pads 1
watercolor on paper – 8 x 10 inches – 2014

Lily Pads 2
watercolor on paper – 12×24 inches – 2014

Teacher of the Year

I am honored to announce that I am the 2014/2015 Teacher of the Year at Heritage Elementary! Sharing my love of the arts with kids is a rewarding and inspiring experience. <3 IMG_1641 100_2215

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