Everything and Everyone

This series of work depicts distinct imagery through interwoven materials such as paper, fabric, bark, paint, and charcoal. The themes reflect monism: the belief that reality is a unified whole and that all existing things can be ascribed to or described by a single concept or system. This unified whole is networked together in patterns, or tessellations. Thus, these patterns connect all things, including human beings, to one another and to everything around them. One such unification can be identified in profound aspects of human life such as physicality, questioning of purpose, struggle, love, and life and death. Together they represent a cyclic journey through life immersed in pattern and interconnection which culminated in an exhibit at Siano Galley (Philadelphia, PA) in 2005.


The imagery eventually went on to form Everything and Everyone, a hand-bound artist book that was published in a limited edition of 125 copies with the support of a publication grant from the National Museum of Women in the Arts (Washington, DC).


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